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Penn State going for the try against Navy. Colleen McCloskey Photo.

The DIA Rankings were thrown for a loop with a pair of big upsets in DIA play this weekend. There are a couple of new teams at the top with the Mid South and Rugby East proving themselves to be the toughest conferences in the country.

The biggest shock of the weekend was Lindenwood beating St. Mary’s on the road by 21 points. St. Mary’s had not lost a game in a few years.

As as a result, Life, who beat Lindenwood twice this year moves into the new number one spot. Based on the result between St. Mary’s and Cal where the Gaels won by nine, Lindenwood climbs to number two. St. Mary’s drops to three.

Cal drops to number four thanks to the results despite a win over Navy. Penn State moves into the fifth spot thanks to a dramatic win over BYU. BYU sits at six but with how close the Rugby East teams played each other it was a tough call between BYU and Navy. Ultimately, the last second loss does not drop BYU past six.

Notre Dame College leapfrogs Arizona because of its fall win over Army and its close games with Navy and Penn State.

Rankings4/26/2018Recent Results
1LifeBeat Army 44-10
2LindenwoodBeat St. Mary’s 43-22
3St. Mary’sLost to Lindenwood 43-22
4Cal Beat Navy 33-27
5Penn StateBeat BYU 48-46
6BYULost to Penn State 48-46
7ArmyLost to Life 44-10
8NavyLost to Cal 33-27
9Arkansas StateIdle
10Notre Dame CollegeIdle
13Central WashingtonIdle
14Grand CanyonIdle
15Cal PolyIdle
16Utah ValleyIdle
18San Diego StateIdle
22Colorado StateIdle
23Ohio StateIdle
25Mary WashingtonIdle