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Connie Hatfield Photo/Pink Shorts Photography

We have reached the end of the 15s season and with it comes the final rankings. There was not much movement with two games on the docket, but Life slammed the door on any doubt that they were the best team.

The Running Eagles were clinical against the Cal Bears, winning 60-5. It has been a long time, if ever, that the Bears were beaten so convincingly. Life has been doing that to teams all season and this weekend was no exception.

The Bears do come in at number two despite the loss. Cal defeated Lindenwood convincingly in the semifinals and earned their keep at two. Lindenwood gave Life its toughest game of the year with a 22-18 loss and slots in at number three.

St. Mary’s, who was knocked out by Lindenwood, comes in at four while the final semifinalist, Penn State, rounds out the top five.

In the DIAA final Mary Washington edged Dartmouth 38-30 to maintain its place in the top 25.

Rankings5/10/18Recent Results
1LifeBeat Cal 60-5
2CalLost to Life 60-5
4St. Mary'sIdle
5Penn StateIdle
9Arkansas StateIdle
10Notre Dame CollegeIdle
13Central WashingtonIdle
14Grand CanyonIdle
15Cal PolyIdle
16Utah ValleyIdle
18San Diego StateIdle
22Colorado StateIdle
23Ohio StateIdle
25Mary WashingtonBeat Dartmouth 38-20


It's a crime that Mary Wash is ranked 25th. I suppose it's due to them playing "D-IAA" but we all now that they would beat the teams ranked 24-12. I hope they move up to D-IA soon.