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The playoffs are heating up and we are starting to see our rankings tested. Both the Penn Mutual Varsity Cup and the DIA playoffs are in full gear and for the most part our rankings have held up.

The biggest exception to that, however, was the shocking Navy victory over Central Washington. The Wildcats had been ranked number five all season but an overtime victory for the Midshipmen upended the rankings. Navy has had an inconsistent year but seem to have found its groove late in the season. The Midshipmen move up to number 11 with the win and Central Washington drops to 12 overall.

The rest of the Varsity Cup reaffirmed our rankings. Penn State knocked off Army again while Cal and Arkansas State both took care of business.

Both games in DIA saw are rankings hold up. San Diego State held off Utah to continue a solid season. Meanwhile, Arizona cruised by Air Force to stay ahead of the Zoomies.

Finally, UC-Davis makes its first foray into the rankings. The defending DI-AA champions are back in the final this week for the right to take on DIAA fall champions, Notre Dame College. They slot in at number 25.

Rank4/20/2017Recent Result
1St. Mary'sIdle
3CalBeat Clemson 71-5
6Arkansas StateBeat Utah Valley 39-12
8Penn StateBeat Army 47-34
9San Diego StateBeat Utah 41-31
10ArmyLost to Penn State 41-31
11NavyBeat Central Washington 27-24
12Central WashingtonLost to Navy 27-24
13UtahLost to San Diego State 41-31
14Notre Dame CollegeIdle
15Wheeling JesuitIdle
17ArizonaBeat Air Force 54-7
19ClemsonLost to Cal 71-5
20Colorado StateIdle
21Air ForceLost to Arizona 54-7
Dropped Out
Bowling GreenIdle


Lets' see the only undefeated team since last year is rated 4th (Life, defending National Champions). Yes, St. Mary's beat Cal, BYU beat St. Mary's. Cal's only claim to fame is getting their butt kicked in Canada. When rugby today stops promoting the Varsity cup over real rankings, we might start paying attention. Let's see, number 1, 2, and 4 according to your rankings are playing for the Rugby D1A National championship and CAL who has only beat second tier teams is #3 with no chance to prove their case.
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