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BYU vs CWU. Ryan Turner Photo.

The DI Rankings saw little movement overall this week but a couple of games bore interesting results. The top four saw a bit of a shakeup and one team made its first appearance in the rankings in a long time.

BYU dismantled Central Washington for the second time this season. The Cougars looked deadly and move into the number two spot behind St. Mary’s. Although Life continues to win, the Cougar's impressive display sees them overtake the Running Eagles.

Central Washington does not go down, despite the loss. The bottom line is that the top four are considerably better than the rest of the pack. Central Washington is a good team and will most likely reach the Penn Mutual Varsity Cup final in May.

The Red River final caused the other stir in the rankings. Baylor upended LSU 25-22 to win the conference. LSU was previously ranked 16th and drops to 25th overall as a result. Baylor slides in for the first time this season at number 23.

Rank4/6/17Recent Results
1St. Mary'sBeat Sacramento State 80-3
2BYUBeat Central Washington 55-12
3LifeBeat Davenport 45-11
5Central WashingtonLost to BYU 55-12
6LindenwoodBeat Clemson 71-5
7Arkansas StateIdle
8IndianaBeat Notre Dame 40-19
9Penn StateIdle
10San Diego StateIdle
13Notre Dame CollegeIdle
14Wheeling JesuitIdle
17DavenportLost to Life 45-11
18Colorado StateIdle
20Air ForceIdle
21ClemsonLost to Lindenwood 71-5
23BaylorBeat LSU 25-22
25LSULost to Baylor 25-22
Dropped Out
Bowling GreenIdle