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The DII playoffs got under way this weekend and the results caused a shake up in the DII rankings.

Queens College defeated Furman 36-31 showing the power of the Cardinals Conference and the warranted three seeds they got to the post season. Queens moves up to 14 and UVA, who also won this weekend, moves to 10. NC State remains at two.

Iowa Central had a strong second half against IUPUI and won 56-15. IUPUI was ranked 6 and drops to 11. Iowa Central slides up to four based on the win and the Bentley loss to Geneseo. Norwich slides down.

Geneseo slides up from 25 to 18 with a win over Bentley. 

Milwaukee and St. Louis who were back-to-back last weekend and the result was spot on to our rankings. Milwaukee edged St. Louis 18-17 in the play in game.

RankTeamPrevious Result
2NC StateIdle
3North Dakota StateIdle
4Iowa CentralBeat IUPUI 56-15
7Bethel CollegeIdle
10UVABeat Bloomsburg 37-17
11IUPUILost to Iowa Central 56-15
12Montana StateIdle
13MarquetteBeat Ferris State 39-24
14Queens CollegeBeat Furman 36-31
16BloomsburgLost to UVA 37-17
17FurmanLost to Queens 36-31
18GeneseoBeat Bentley 12-7
19UW-MilwaukeeBeat St. Louis 18-17
20St. LouisLost to Milwaukee 18-17
21William PatersonBeat Sacred Heart 29-22
22Ferris StateLost to Marquette 39-24
25BentleyLost to Geneseo 12-7