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It had been three-years in the making, the first USA College All-Star Competition pitting states against states within a single territorial union.  A deserved credit to the pioneer Midwest Rugby Union, which held the event in October 1986 in Louisville, Kentucky.

The idea for the event came from Doug Edwards, collegiate coordinator of the Midwest RFU, and he first offered the idea in 1984. The key was to convince subdivisions with the union to participate, and penalizing those who did not by denying their players eligibility to play in the Midwest Select Sides.

The event generated five entries from the ten union subdivisions, featuring select sides from Ohio, Allegheny, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The format was a two-day round robin where each fifteen played four games.

Ohio were the pre-event favorite, due, in part, to the presence of the rugby seasoned Bowling Green University. Ohio started with a 3-3 tie against underdog Allegheny, but won their next three games, including the final against Minnesota 19-4.

The Ohio champions that played in the final  numbered college players from Bowling Green (6), Kent State (4), Ohio State (1), Ohio U. (2) and Miam1 (2). The runners up from Minnesota came from Minnesota (7), St. Cloud (3), St, Johns (1), Mankato State (2), Macalester (1) and Minnesota-Duluth (1).   The open selection process found ruggers from many smaller colleges.

This inaugural competition introduced college players in the Union to a superior level of play.