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The ECRC went 6-0 against Empire Conference in Saratoga Springs yesterday. The top six teams in each conference went head to head, and the ECRC proved to be the stronger conference.

AIC ran up over 100 points against the Empire Conference champions, Binghamton. Jihad Khabir scored four times while Royaal Jones and Matty Jones each earned three a piece. It was the most clinical game AIC played all year according to head coach Rob Guiry.

“It was the first shut out of the season and the game was executed incredibly well. Mistakes were minimized and for the first time this season, it looked like we found the quality rugby players expect from each other. The key to the game was unselfish play. No one made selfish penalties, people moved the ball, trusted each other’s calls.”

Boston College faired similarly, jumping out to a quick 28-0 lead and a 47-12 halftime advantage. After rolling in some subs, BC finished off the game at 57-22.

“After a long hard-fought season, I felt we were simply in cruise control for the day and that was helped by key players getting multiple scores in the first half,” said BC coach Rob Conway.

The Eagles have a very senior heavy squad so coach Conway wanted to make sure that all of the players that have committed to the program got a chance to play.

“We made quite a few roster changes coming into the fixture. Some because of injury, but mostly to give seniors the shot at playing.”

UMass, New England College, Fairfield and Northeastern all won their respective matches as well. New England College had the toughest go of it, winning 27-22 over Stony Brook. The other three schools all won by 29 points plus to give the ECRC conference supremacy.

Matchups like these are very interesting because they help us gauge conference strength. Clearly, the ECRC is superior to the Empire at the moment. We have been right in only ranking the top teams of the ECRC as the Empire teams needs to improve before making their way into the rankings.

With many teams opting out of USA Rugby playoffs, it is nice to see inter conference matchups pop up. This, along with ACRC Bowl Series all the country to see the strength of respective conferences.