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It’s a small contingent of teams set for the Dennis Storer Classic, the rugby tournament including teams from the Pac-12 conference, and named after longtime UCLA coach and the first USA coach of the modern era.

A relative robust lineup of teams has dwindled thanks to the (sadly) inevitable late backouts. However, hosts UCLA will be welcoming Stanford, Cal, Oregon State and USC to the event.

It’s an intriguing group of teams. UCLA has possibly their best depth and best overall athleticism in some years, while Oregon State and Stanford have to be considered two of the stronger programs in D1-AA. USC is also in D1-AA, and while they lost all of their league games last year, they are expected to be a little stronger this year.

Then there’s Cal, which is, year after year, the best team in the country. Cal has won the Storer Classic every year it has been held, usually defeating UCLA in the final. It’s unlikely this year will bring anything different, but the battle for second is going to be tight.

With the smaller group of teams, the games the will be longer than usual to fill the days. All five teams will play each other on Saturday, and on Sunday will be the final matches, with the top two playing for the championship, and the 3rd and 4th teams battling for 3rd and 4th. No word on what will happen to the 5th team, although one wonders if a game against Cal’s B side might be in order.