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The SCRC contests from the weekend were not close but they did set up interesting matchups in the coming weeks. Both Kentucky and Tennessee won comfortably in the east and Alabama and Ole Miss won games in the western division.

Kentucky continued its hot start to the season with a 64-10 win over Vanderbilt.  The Wildcats have built a strong base with a couple of solid years of recruiting and this weekend they had nearly a dozen recruits on campus for the game. Along with a festive atmosphere and a strong show support, the Wildcats put on a good showing from the start.

“It was a great atmosphere for rugby on Saturday as it was the last parents weekend for our seniors,” said UK coach Gary Anderson. “We had a huge crowd and the energy was at an all time high which led to a good showing all around.”

The Wildcats moved to 3-0 with the win but will see its toughest test of conference play when it meets undefeated South Carolina next week. A win against the Gamecocks would put Kentucky in a strong position for the playoffs.

Tennessee, who is also undefeated in the east division, beat Georgia 38-8 on the weekend. The Volunteers went up 24-0 before Georgia got on the board. The Bulldogs got one back but Tennessee scored two-second half tries to put the game away.

With Kentucky and Tennessee winning, both teams move to 3-0. Along with South Carolina, all three teams sit atop the eastern division. South Carolina has a show down with the Wildcats next weekend and meets Tennessee the following weekend. Kentucky will take on Tennessee on October 29th leaving a lot to play for in the next couple of weeks.

In the west, Alabama took a lead with a 58-7 win over Mississippi State. Florida sits right behind, however, at 2-1. Ole Miss managed to get its first win with a 44-17 victory over winless Auburn.