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Life University thundered past University of Utah in a college friendly Friday at the Las Vegas Invitational.

The Running Eagles showcased some impressive organization, even if one of their top players, injured Cam Dolan, was serving as water boy. Life's defense was solid and bottled up the fast Utah backline well enough, and they slowly wore down the Utes when they had the ball.

But the killer moment may have take place late in the first half. Life had a lineout deep in their own 22. Under pressure to secure possession and get out of trouble, they won the lineout despite an overthrow, and then worked through a couple of phases around their 22.

Then a nifty offload out of contact started a run down the right wing, then quick ball put wing Taku Tela away on the left. It was a methodical move from their own 22 to a try in the space of sixty seconds.

Life won 41-12.