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Lindenwood defeated Davenport 32-10 in the only Mid-South game of the weekend to take home the Labry Shield. For the last four years, Davenport and Lindenwood have played a game to honor Charles Labry, who died tragically in a traffic accident while attending Lindenwood.

For the fourth installment of the Labry Shield, Charles’ parents flew from France to attend the game. His parents addressed the team in the locker room before the game and presented the shield to the players after the match.

“You could see how much it meant to them that we honored their son’s name and watching them well up with thankful tears as they hugged our players post-match was probably one of my most memorable moments a coach,” said Lindenwood coach Josh Macy.

Lindenwood was flying high to start the game, scoring in the opening minute. Wesley Wright ran back a clearance kick to take an early 5-0 lead. Michael de Waal made it 10-0 nearly 20 minutes in. The freshman has burst on the scene and is making a significant impact on a very experienced Lions squad particularly on the defensive side.

“In defense, Michael De Waal’s effort cannot be understated. He’s a freshman who’s having a big impact on the team. He has an extremely cool head and is really showing a lot of promise in the breakdown,” Macy added.

Lindenwood took its foot off the gas, however, and Davenport scored two tries to tie the game at halftime. Mike Lau and Connor Schilling found pay dirt to set up a tough second half.

The Lions responded in the second stanza, though, blanking Davenport while scoring three tries and kicking a penalty. Macy indicated that his team was much more efficient in the second half, learning to channel the emotions of the day into positive play.

“Emotions can sometimes hurt and help you. It’s great playing a match with a lot of meaning behind it, but you still have to just play. In the second half we were able to do that,” said Macy. “Our confidence on attack is growing week to week. I’m impressed with how well we are pressuring the whole field and getting more consistent in our decision making every week.”

The Lindenwood-Davenport match turned out to be the only game in the Mid-South due to a weather cancellation between Clemson and Arkansas State. The game will be made up in two weeks.

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