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Lindenwood, which finished the 2013/2014 season ranked 12th nationally in 15s and 13th in 7s, has released its fall schedule. With USA Rugby moving the 7s National Championships to the spring, the Lions will turn their full fall focus to 15s, even though they will play their Mid-South league games in the spring. 

Along with some intercollegiate matches with Big Ten opponents Wisconsin and Indiana, the Lions will play Mid-South rivals Davenport and Life and four men's teams. Lindenwood has had a close connection with the DII St. Louis Bombers since inception, and they'll play them again this fall, but they also take swings at some upper-crust clubs, too, like Metropolis, Glendale, Life's men and Palmer.

Lindenwood coach JD Stephenson is taking a page from the books of St. Mary's and BYU, who have made habits of playing the best men's clubs within reach in their preseasons. And of course, Life's undergraduate team regularly gets to go up against the senior Running Eagles.  

"We really wanted to utilize our fall for development of our boys and have an understanding of what it's like on the next level of play," said Stephenson.

"St. Mary's and Life showed us that they're a class above, and, to be on their level we need to be tested year-round every weekend. We feel strongly this schedule will really help with our development as a team and hopefully allow us to become a stronger, well-rounded team come April."



This is what all major college teams should do if they have the resources. top tier rugby brings growth and development. this is also a great template of a schedule for what top east coast and mid south and mid west colleges(like kutztown if financially acceptable) should shoot for. Lindenwood has talent all over the field(id say just as much as st mary's) but the team was not experienced enough to face one of the top teams in the country(club or college). this gauntlet of a schedule will be a growing pain for the team but it will benefit them in the future