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Having defeated St. Mary's, BYU can relax a little, but things heat up soon.

After playing Idaho State and Utah Valley State in the next two weekends, the Cougars will face Cal Poly, and then four straight weekends with something on the line.

On March 29 they play Elite Cup champs SFGG in a Champions Challenge, a game that will certainly test the Cougars' level of physicality. A week after that it's the always intense Wasatch Cup against the revitalized Utah Utes.

That game has its own challenge trophy, and is a matchup that is about as physical as any rivalry this side of Army-Navy.

After that is a unique event, with Arizona State hosting BYU for The Rugby Bowl.

"Arizona State is a strong program and the Phoenix area has the highest concentration of BYU alumni outside of Utah," said BYU Head Coach David Smyth. "So for us it makes a lot of sense to play that game. I think what they're doing there to showcase the sport and package the game is terrific."

After that comes the beginning of the Varsity Cup for BYU (April 12 is the first weekend, but BYU is one of the top four seeds, and thus gets a bye).

"We get Dartmouth or Clemson, which are two teams we don't play a lot," said Smyth. "We get to go to the Naval Academy and Annapolis for the first round. The boys are really looking forward to that and to playing in that atmosphere. Then we get to come home if we win and host our semifinal, and then, we hope it's the final at Rio Tinto. The entire competition makes a lot of sense for us.

"It's exciting and intense, and the entire thing will be a great experience for our boys."

So the end of the season will include SFGG, Utah, Arizona State, then Clemson or Dartmouth, followed (if they win, which they are expected to) by Texas, Notre Dame, or Navy, and then should they win, a final with Cal the favorites to be their opponent.