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The US Naval Academy looked superb in a 32-0 shutout of a very capable Dartmouth squad Saturday at Navy Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Md.

This game was the second Varsity Cup Super-Regional, and promised to be a more competitive game than Cal's 77-0 defeat of Notre Dame.

It was, but in the end Dartmouth could not score on a tough, physical Navy squad.

Navy used their forwards to batter through the Dartmouth defense, and while they only were able to score two tries in the first half, the tactic wore down the Big Green D.

Dartmouth did get some ball to work with, but in the first half they hurt themselves with a series of ball-handling errors, and support runners being a little too eager, and thus a little too flat - passes, then, ended up going behind the recipients.

In the second half, Navy was able to open up the game a bit, and when Dartmouth got the ball back, they found they had 80 meters or more to cover. It was too much to ask, and Navy were clinical in putting the match out of reach.