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With about 480 athletes on 40 teams in the men’s and women’s 2018 Penn Mutual College Rugby Championship, it was hard to pick the dream teams for the divisions. Evan Lappen, Brett Anker, and Pat Clifton of Rugby Today, Colin Flora of, and Doug Coil of assembled the list of exceptional players that shined on the pitch.

For the women, quality players dominated the list. Here is the women’s dream team:

  • Kaitlyn Broughton, Life
  • Jocelyn Jones, Life
  • Spiff Sedrick, Life
  • Annakaren Pedraza, Lindenwood
  • Kodi Barlow, Lindenwood
  • McKenzie Hawkins, Lindenwood
  • Veteronnica Tafito, Lindenwood
  • Wenyi Tan, Notre Dame
  • Cecelia Hammond, NSCRO
  • Irene Koraplis, Penn State
  • Gabby Cantorna, Penn State
  • Tess Feury, Penn State

Honorable mention for the women includes Gianna Solomon (Penn State), Shae Ferguson (NSCRO), Caring De Freitas (Lindenwood), Sativa Tarua-Peehikuru (Lindenwood), and Madison Ohmann (Life).

As for the men, here is the dream team:

  • Matt Rogers, Arizona
  • Jake Lachina, Army
  • Ollie Engelhart, Dartmouth
  • Duncan Van Schalkwyk, Life
  • Mitch Wilson, Life
  • JP Aguirre, Lindenwood
  • Nick Feakes, Lindenwood
  • Wesley White, Lindenwood
  • Dmontae Noble, Kutztown
  • Noah Niumataiwalu, St. Joseph’s
  • Ben Broselle, UCLA
  • Eric Naposki-Abdalah, UCLA

The honorable mentions for the men are Mike Eife (Penn State), Deion Mikesell, (Lindenwood), Dante Weeks (Arizona), Harrison Farrell (Army), Fuller Winton (Dartmouth), Santi Mascolo (Iona), Ryan McNulty (Penn State), Jason DeNofa (Kutztown), and Harley Wheeler (Life). A special mention also goes out to NSCRO’s Jabaree Leopold of Iowa Central Community College who led all scorers this weekend with 11 tries.