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Ellensburg, Wash. - A late try from center Tim Maupin secured a dramatic 22-18 victory for St. Mary's in their College Premier Division Pacific Conference showdown with Central Washington.

Central went out to a 6-0 lead on two Ryan Hamilton penalty goals, and the Wildcats held that lead into halftime. In the second half, St. Mary's replied with a try from center Mike Haley before Hamilton gave CWU an 11-5 lead into the final 25 minutes. Lloyd Evans scored a try for the Gales, and Garrett Brewer's conversion gave St. Mary's their first lead of the game at 56 minutes. Then Brewer added a try of his own to put the Gaels up 17-11.

With time winding down CWU wing Tim Stanfill gathered an Aaron lee kick to score, and Hamilton's conversion put CWU up 18-17.

But they couldn't hold out St. Mary's, who won it with a try from Maupin.

Central Washington, so often losers in a close match in trying to get to the old DI national playoffs, miss out again in a heartbreaker.

St. Mary's has clinched 2nd place in the Pacific, making that conference the first to confirm both playoff spots. Central may well drop to 4th today if San Diego State wins.

More to come ...