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Texas State blanked Texas 22-0 under the lights in San Marcos Friday, most likely sewing up a conference title and Sweet 16 berth.

Texas State entered the spring semester with a two-point lead over Texas in the league standings, and if the Renegades were able to secure a bonus point in their 32-12 win over Sam Houston Feb. 19, they’ll have a one-point lead with one league match to play, while the Longhorns’ league schedule is complete.

has been unable to confirm that the TXST scored four tries in their win over Sam Houston. If they did not, then the Longhorns and TXST are tied in the league standings, with the Renegades having one more point-scoring opportunity. (RUGBYMag has yet to confirm tiebreaker procedures).

Last time these teams met, Texas eeked out a 22-20 win in Austin, needing a late try to steal victory. This time around, the outcome was rarely in doubt, as Texas State dominated possession and field position most of the way.

“We played probably 85, maybe 90-percent on their side of the field,” said Texas State president Nick McLean. “They were always on defense, and anytime it got on our side of the field it was immediately booted out, and that’s what we wanted. We wanted to keep pressure on them, and it’s a lot easier playing offense on their side of the field, and that was kind of our goal.”

Texas has a nifty backline, evidenced by their relative success in the Las Vegas Invitational CRC Qualifier tournament, but TXST used possession and a bruising pack to keep the Longhorns backs at bay. 

“It was a forwards game for sure. I think there was a lot of pounding back and forth in the forwards. I play in the back line and I felt like I was kind of lost in the game,” said Texas danger man and captain Stephen Mahoney.

“We have a spread-it-out offense and Texas State has kind of a big, pounding team, and we were kind of playing their game and that’s what it just got to be, and we never really got the chance to spread it out to our backs, and they never really tried to spread it out to their backs because they didn’t have to because we couldn’t stop the forwards.”