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After an eventful several days, the DIA playoff bracket is nearly set. The first bit of clarity came when Central Washington opted to join the Varsity Cup last week, leaving the DIA competition. That decision nixed the play-in game between the Wildcats and Cal Poly, moving the Mustangs straight to a rematch with California Conference foes St. Mary's in the quarterfinals. The Gaels beat Cal Poly 41-31 in March.

The Big Ten Universities' bid to the DIA playoffs was whittled down to two teams Saturday, as Ohio State beat Illinois and Wisconsin beat Indiana to advance to the conference final next week in Madison, Wisc. If Ohio State wins the league, the Buckeyes will challenge Kutztown to reach the quarterfinals. If Wisconsin wins, the Badgers will challenge the West No. 2, and Kutztown will advance straight to the quarterfinals.

Kutztown won its way into the DIA playoffs with a 31-21 win over Penn State on Saturday, cementing the Golden Bears as the Easts' second seed. Army sealed an undefeated East season with a lopsided win over Delaware.

In the Mid-South, Life's 41-24 defeat of Davenport assured the Running Eagles a playoff spot. Life and Arkansas State meet next week in Marietta, Ga. to decide the conference and the team that gets to sit out the play-in round. The loser will host Texas A&M, which won the Allied Championship Game 45-5 over Texas.

The DIA quarterfinals and semifinals will be played on campus, while the final will be staged at UNC-Greensboro.

*Indicates the bid has not yet been clinched