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Video has recently been made public of an off-the-ball incident from a b-side match between Arizona and Arizona State in February. The incident caught the attention of local news earlier this year, and USA Rugby has handed down sanctions, but not until last week was the video made public via the ASU police department per the request of campus media.

The video shows Christopher Crawford kicking an Arizona player in the face while he was tying his shoe. Crawford, it turns out, has not been a student at ASU since 2015. He was also not registered with USA Rugby. He turned himself into police days later and was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault. His trial is reportedly pending.

The Arizona player, Doug Neary, underwent facial reconstruction surgery and had six screws and a metal plate implanted in his face as a result of the injury, court records say.

ASU was sanctioned by USA Rugby, with the decision being handed down in June. Crawford himself received a lifetime ban from the sport, with the option to revisit the terms of the punishment after five years. ASU head coach Gary Lane was banned from coaching rugby anywhere until 2019.

The Sun Devils were to put 12 players through a referee certification course and complete 500 hours of community service. Originally, they were banned from so much as practicing until Sept. 1, 2018, but per the disciplinary agreement with D1A, would have the possibility of that date being moved up a year if the disciplinary committee was satisfied with internal changes were made to ensure that CIPP violations could not occur in the future. That, apparently, has happened, as the Sun Devils have been active this fall.

The video of the incident can be found at this link.