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Bowling Green swept University of Cincinnati and Ohio University this weekend, beating Ohio 60-7 and Cincinnati 52-0.

Wing Nolan Cavano and No. 8 Bryan Kean had solo tries and wing Ryan Koenig scored twice with three conversions by prop Dane Szente for a 26-0 halftime score over Cincinnati. In the second half Center Dominic Mauer toued down three times and lock Mike Treon added one while Szente kicked one conversion and scrumhalf Mike Powell two to close out the shutout.

The Ohio game was held over from last weekend, when the game was called off due to a car accident involving some of the Bobcats players. As a result, Ohio had two games to play. They ran in seven tries in beating Western Michigan 45-20 on Saturday, but ran into some trouble on the road on Sunday.

Bowling Green wing Nolan Cavano opened the Falcon's scoring with a try less than two minutes after the opening whistle. Ohio was a little take aback by the ferocity of the BG attack and the Falcons, against the wind, still had the run of play.

Lock Mike Treon had his best day as a Falcon scoring three tries in the first half. No. 8 Bryan Kean, wing Ryan Koenig, and center Dominic Mauer joined Treon in the end zone in the first half. Prop Dane Szente managed to hit on three conversions to make it 41-0 at halftime.

The Bobcats managed to work in a try and conversion to open the second half, but it was Bowling Green the rest of the way with tries from Kean, Cavano and flyhalf Mike Ziegler, with two more conversions by Szente.

The win against Ohio secured for the Falcons the MAC conference championship  regardless of the outcome of next week's match with Miami. 

Also this weekend, Northern Illinois ran in seven tries in defeating Dayton 46-12, and Miami slammed Ball State 43-21. Like Bowling Green and Ohio, Dayton had two games to play this weekend, and they beat Central Michigan 22-12.

The single victory in their two-game weekend was enough to push Dayton into third in the MAC Conference. NIU, however, clinched 2nd with their victory over Dayton on Saturday.

Latest unofficial standings

MAC Schools W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Bowling Green 7 0 0 394 77 317 7 0 35
Northern Illinois 6 1 0 254 119 135 5 0 29
Dayton 5 2 0 147 146 1 2 0 22
Ohio 4 3 0 236 236 0 4 0 20
Central Michigan 4 3 0 171 199 -28 3 1 20
Western Michigan 3 5 0 215 208 7 3 0 15
Miami 2 5 0 193 210 -17 2 3 13
Ball State 1 6 0 137 293 -156 3 0 7
Cincinnati 0 6 0 43 269 -226 0 0 0