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South Carolina and Tennessee remain undefeated after wins on the weekend. South Carolina beat LSU in Montgomery, Ala., 26-13, and Tennessee won 97-5 over a rebuilding Georgia.

LSU was displeased with the officiating in Montgomery, even taking to Twitter to air its grievances. But the Tigers still sit atop the West Division at 2-1.

Tennessee suffered a brutal loss to Life a few weeks back. Since then, the Vols have beaten rival Florida and won big over Georgia.

“We’re kind of on track of what we think we want to do,” said Tennessee coach Marty Bradley. “We’ve got some spots we’re not happy with, they’ve kind of showed up a little bit over the past couple of weeks, but we’re trying to feel our way through the season, trying to get better every week and I think to this point we are.”

Tennessee and South Carolina don’t collide until April, but the Vols aren’t likely to overlook an opponent between now and then.

“Vanderbilt’s getting better. They went down and played South Carolina well, so I think you’ve got to be careful with them,” said Bradley. “Kentucky’s been up and down a little bit, but I think they’re better than last year. And Alabama, they made it to the final four of the conference last year, so I think we’ve got to keep focusing on the next week. The boys will enjoy this win tonight and we’ll start working on Kentucky tomorrow.”

Venderbilt not only played South Carolina tough, they nearly knocked off Florida Saturday. The Gators are down this year, after suffering some big turnover in the offseason. But they’re still a well coached and formidable bunch, so losing 21-15 to Florida should be considered a moral victory for the Commodores.

Elsewhere in the SCRC, Kentucky beat a shorthanded Mississippi State 45-12 Saturday. The Bulldogs are struggling with numbers, and due to injuries, played much of the game with just 14. Nonetheless, Kentucky is 2-1 in the league, which is a big step forward for a program that didn’t fare well in the inaugural SCRC season.