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Contest Winners

The first Rugby Today reader contest proved a success. Our thanks to the many who entered. A blue ribbon jury (actually, Mark the Intern and I) sifted through the entries to vote on the winners. We used two criteria: Easy of memory and creative cleverness.

Contest #1

In which you were asked to compose a mnemonic phrase using the Sevens’ tournaments hierarchy of awards; Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield, or C-P-B-S letters in that order.

First Prize: Conor Mannix - Champions Play Better Sevens

(Sevens in the news and we all want the Eagles’ men’s and women’s sides to be victorious.)

Special Mention to Tom Conger for Conger Plays Better Sevens.

Second Prize: Joe Bun Keo – Capicola Pastrami Bolgona Salami

(Loopy. Hilarious. Capicola is dry-cured Italian pork, also known as Gabagoul.)

Third Prizes (2): Tie: Ryan Gray and Colin Puriri – Crouch Pause Bind Set

(The official World Rugby scrum cadence of the day with the addition of the word “Pause.”)

Honorable Mentions: We included all the other entries fit to print. And, attention Ric K, do you finally see that even if your entries had been the only ones, you still would not have won?

Benjamin Snyder: Champions Prefer Better Sprinters

Allyson Devers: Coaches/Captains Pray Backs Sprint

Jackie Matthews: Conversion Points Boost Score

Martin Franco: Catch Pass Ball Score

Richard Ashfield: Carlins Pace Brings Scores

James Turner: Color Purple Blue and Scarlet

Sherri Magnuson: Can Pass Ball Sideways

Jon Fonvielle: Coaches Play Backs in Sevens

Billy Neilson: Carlin Plus Baker = Speed

Paul Andrew: Collison = Prop Blasts Scrumhalf

Tyler Scott: Conversions Produce Big Smiles

Tahlia Brody: Calm Players Bellow Softly

William Knipscher: Come Play, Brave Souls

Jenny Stumpf: Crazy People Break Stuff

Bret Costain: Catch Pass Before Scoring

Lizzie Stumpf: Can’t it Please Be Simple

Justin Whitton: Confused Players Boot Shoot

Jonathan Grasso: Can Pass Backwards Solely

Phil Akroyd: Californians Play Brilliant Sevens

David Malone: Couldn’t Play a Better Sport

Ben Escalante: Crouch Pause Bind Scrum

Jacob Frechette: Chubby Props Better Scrum

Lonnie Reaves: Chunky Props Blame Sevens

Mike Klems: Come Play Best Sport

Dan Bern: Chubby Props Blow-up Scrummys

Filip Keuppens: Cup Places Before Shield

Richard Bayston: Can Players Buy Silverware

DeVon Peterson: Crackle Pop Between Stops

Savannah Keller: Can Props Behave Sometimes?

Kelly Harris: California People Buy Surfboards

Clark Parker: Creepy People Bathe Snakes

Jeff Murphy: Champions Prepare Before Sunrise

Tim Williams: Can Players Buy Suckers

Victor Marinich: Come Play Bastardized Soccer

Jennifer Regalado: Cold People Buy Sweaters

Brendan Harrigan: Carlin & Perry Better Score

Catherine Ruflin: Captain Player Blaine Scully

Pam Laura: Cunning Props Break Scrums

Diane Ramage: Carousel Ponies Bounce Softly

Chuck Tonne: Commitment Precedes Bravery (and) Success

Mike Maguire: Champions Play Blood Stained

Garren Jansezian: Can Plaid Be Sexy

Chris Kavanagh: Crouch Pause Bind Start

Tavake Sanft: Complete Package Barry Sanders

Michael Bailey: Cuddly Props Bind Strangely

Joe Smith: Centers Pass Balls Straight

William Racule: Crunching Packs Bulldoze Scrum

Joe Poti: Constant Pressure Brings Success

Mike Kampen: Carlin Perry Bring Speed

Tim Scott: Catch Pass Block Scrum

Daniel Ancillotti: Cohorts Playing a Beautiful Sport

Kara Mathews: Cadence Proclaimed Before Scrums


Look for Contest #2 in June. Our thanks to all who participated.