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Recently, a rugby newsletter stated that Nigel Melville, CEO of USA Rugby, would retire at the end of 2016 to work full time for Rugby International Marketing (RIM), the new commercial joint venture between USA Rugby and the English Rugby Federation Union (RFU). The newsletter also announced the Melville has become a US citizen.

A floating rumor is that the USA Rugby Board has already engaged the services of an executive placement firm to find candidates for the CEO position.

Here's our take on the search:

More Transparency - Assume this news is true and on going, where is that official statement from USA Rugby announcing the CEO exploration? Why not let the USA rugby community know what constitute the job specifications, the duties, the salary, etc.?

An Open to All Search - The Board should solicit applications from anyone who perceives he or she might meet the job qualifications. These submissions could go directly to the executive placement company and/or to the search committee.

Find an American - Alfred P. Sloan, CEO and chairman of General Motors (1923-1956), pioneered and refined the corporate system of leadership in the United States that is universally in use around the world today. There exist hundreds of qualified Americans who could lead USA Rugby in the next phase of the organization's future growth and development.
This CEO search is an important story that bears close scrutiny throughout this year.