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On this Fourth of July 2019, amid the celebrations with fireworks and bar-b-que, Americans will head to the beach, where a few will take a rugby ball for some impromptu play. 

What is little known in the USA is the organized European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA) that sponsors Beach Fives tournaments throughout the continent. Players are barefoot. No goal posts so points count for tries only.  Five players per team. 

These summer tournaments are played in most European countries throughout July. The annual title event will be at the Figueira Beach Rugby Championship in Portugal, marking the tenth edition. It will welcome more than 50 teams from ten countries. Events include the EBRA Master Final Cup, EBRA Series, and Portugal Beach Rugby Series. 

The USA features two annual beach tournaments. 

The first chronologically is run by the Corpus Christi Rugby Football Club (the Crabs), which hosts "7s By The Sea" on July 20th. It is a rugby sevens beach tournament played with standard laws. 

The second is the Fort Myers, Florida-based Beerfoot Sevens scheduled for August 3. The event is co-ed and pays out $1,000 to the Competitive Division winner. 

To catch a peek of beach sevens link to:

Happy Fourth to all!


It's disappointing that this article doesn't mention the six beach tournaments that USA Rugby is endorsing this year, which would quadruple the total -- or has this program been canceled?
Yep, big tournament in VA Beach on August 24th. Are we doing our research or just racing to publish?