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"Rugby Revealed"

If you need to read one book on playing rugby, an excellent choice would be Rugby Revealed, Reaching Your Rugby Potential written by two savvy professionals, Gavin Hickie and Eilidh Donaldson. This new entry into the rugby instruction format contains easy-to-follow directions, and offers hands on advice from 100 of the world rugby community’s players and coaches.

The 240-page work contains defined chapters, salient quotes from those interviewed, and is filled with pictures of famous players in test match action. Importantly, headlines relate to specific positions to facilitate a player’s finding the right section for maximum positional learning.

Hickie is the head coach of Dartmouth Men, and founder of, who has over 25-years of experience playing and coaching the game. Donaldson created the sports news hub Tweetsport

Available on Amazon. An excellent guide to the sport for beginners and pros.