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For the loyal book reading fans of Cd Brennan – and they number many – who thrilled to her initial American penned rugby/romance novel “In Touch” published to great success in 2015, now comes the second offering of a trilogy in the “Play On” series. This new one is called “In Time” and it is available on

Brennen is an Aussie/American who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, married to a rugger, and has been involved for many years with the Traverse City Blues RFC. She’s been a constant traveler and has witnessed rugby union around the world.

Using the local Michigan setting, “In Time” follows much of the format of her first book, incorporating realistic male and female protagonists who live and love within the drama of playing/coaching rugby. The rugby club background ambience provides the milieu for the courtship and the conflict.

In the initial novel, we met the visiting Padraig O’Neale from Ireland and followed his romance with Gillian Sommersby, the team’s physical therapist. The new book introduces the handsome Scot, Rory Cameron who coaches the women’s rugby team. He’ll meet newbie Grace Bowman where the sparks will fly on and off the pitch.

“In Time” exploits provocative relationship themes, using adult events and grownup language. It fulfills the book cover’s promise to be “Hot. Intense. Relentless.”

The first book “In Touch” generated highly positive customers' and critics' reviews for its writing style and realistic rugby depiction. Importantly, the book was also lauded by its non-rugby knowledge readers.

“In Time” continues the same high standard, a tribute to Brennan’s writing talent and to her special and knowing love for the sport of rugby.

Available at – Cd Brennan: “In Time” Play On – Book 2.