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Rugby has been a vibrant club staple at the nation’s military academies, beginning with West Point’s start in 1961. The main institutions - Navy, Army, and Air Force - have constantly advanced in the D-1 college playoffs to the championship semi-final and final rounds.

Much less known is the annual Military Club Championships, played by rugby fifteens at the nation’s military bases. In 1993, the winners were Pensacola, which defeated Fort Benning 6-3, a match played in April at Ft. Benning, Georgia, The Pensacola team was led by Eagle Mark Pidcock at scrum half. Ft. Benning numbered many West Point ruggers. Pidcock and Ft. Benning lock, E.J. Hall were named Most Valuable Players for the two sides.

The Consolation game saw the West Point Rugby Club defeat Ft. Bragg 43-6.

Eighteen teams participated:


Camp Lejeune

Camp Pendleton

Elgin Air Force Base

Ft. Benning

Ft. Bragg

Ft. Leonard Wood

Ft. Polk

Ft. Rucker

Ft. Sill



Scott Air Force Base

U.S. Southern Command


West Point

Whiteman Air Force Base

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

The 1994 event was also scheduled at Ft. Benning.