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The third Bermuda hosting of the Masters Classic in November 1990 saw the USA win the consolation bracket final 22-6 against Scotland. Billed as “The Social Gathering of the Year,” the international event welcomed Old Boys sides from New Zealand, Australia, France, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, all squads comprised of former internationals.

The USA enjoyed wins over France, England, and Ireland, losing early to Wales in a contested match and also to New Zealand, eventual champions of the tournament.

What started casually in 1988 as a tourist attraction, had increased in importance for master’s play worldwide. The nations trained more frequently in preparation for the matches, shortened to halves of 35-minutes. Substitutions were freely allowed

The USA team (“America’s Team”) featured master's players, the youngest aged 34 (Frank Kennedy, the Kansas City Blues) and up to 43 (Dennis Murphy, Santa Monica). The Old Eagles were captained by John Jelaco from the Santa Monica RFC. Hutch Turner served as Manager.