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The November 2001 issue of Rugby Magazine profiled the US Rugby Foundation, illuminating its history, goals, and successes. The Foundation was created as public foundation chartered in Boston in 1963. Ed Riseborough, Bob Lemire, and Fritz Grunebaum were the original trio that conceived of the need in the US for a charitable organization to fund rugby,

By the 1980s, it had expanded to become a national association with Trustees and Directors. The Foundation was fortunate from the outset to have the services of Bill Haffner who helped put roots down in Colorado Springs. Haffner had served admirably for many years in the administration of the Manhattan RFC (President), and high offices at the Met New York Union, and the Eastern RFU.

Specifically, the Foundation was actively involved in grants to high schools, particularly, donating balls to emerging Youth clubs. A popular item was the high school Start-up Kit, which gave away five balls, a set of field flags, a ball pump, two needles, 25 mouthpieces, two books on the laws, a Rugby Directory, a ball bag, a set of water bottles, a set of touch judge flags, a whistle, a kicking tee, and a dozen training discs.

In addition, it awarded summer camp scholarships, and also offered referee clinic grants for these teaching sessions.

Today, the Foundation is ably organized and run by former Eagle Brian Vizard, a USA Rugby Hall of Fame entrant in 2016. It has moved to San Diego, also home to the Hall of Fame.

To inquire about is current programs, and grants, and, more importantly, how you can donate to the organization go to