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After a serendipitous 1988 Plate victory in the Hong Kong 7s, the Eagles were keen to perform well again at the 1989 event, and the Sydney 7s, the following week. To ensure that veteran and new players received optimum instruction, USA's 7s coach, Emil Signes, conducted a special camp in February 1989 at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Thirty-six invitees attended, comprised of twenty-two rookies and fourteen veterans in an event run successfully by the Arizona Rugby Union under the aegis of event Director Mike Sondgrass. Twenty-four coaches, and trainers, in addition to logistic and medical staff, supported the thirty-six trialists.

The first day was given over to physical testing and ball handling drills. Sunday began matches with different player combinations to maximize selection opportunities. After deliberation, the Committee selected two squads, as follows:

Hong Kong Event

Gary Lambert, White Plains

Mike Siano, Phil/Whitemarsh

Tony Ridnell, Puget Sound Beach

Tom Billups, Quad City Irish

Andy Dujakovich, Kansas City

Chris O'Brien, Old Blues

Steve LaPorta, Denver Barbos

Mark Wiliams, Aspen

Barry Williams, Los Angeles

Sydney Event

Dave Poquette, Denver Barbos

Jim Wilkinson, Duck Brothers

Russel Ortiz, Southern California

Will Brewington, Maryland Old Boys

Tom Smith, Sana Monica

Charlie Wilkinson, Duck Brothers

Kevin Higgins, OMBAC

Gary Hein, Old Blues

Rory Lewis Washington

A pleasant surprise for the players was the presentation to each of an answering machine from AT&T, a sponsor of the Hong Kong 7s team.

All agreed this training session offered excellent experience, necessary to mold Eagles 7s players into two competitive sides for international competition.