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 Over the last three years, the Eagle Impact Rugby Academy (EIRA) has continued to build up its 15s touring sides from one in 2015, to three in 2016 and five in 2017.  This year, the expansion will have EIRA fielding ten teams competing against provincial opposition from u15-u19 levels at different times in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada and in Ireland.  EIRA will also be competing again in the NAI 7s this year adding a team at the u20 level after winning the u18 elite competition last year. 

The purpose of these tours and teams is four-fold: 1- To challenge athletes to compete at a high level; 2- To prepare them to play international age-grade and beyond; 3 – To give them the experience of working with different athletes and coaches and adapting to the pressures of traveling, training, and playing in a foreign environment; 4 - To continue to challenge and develop coaches in the same environment. 

EIRA tours this summer include: EIRA u19 to Ontario June 25-July 1;EIRA u16 and u17 to British Columbia July 5-July 12; EIRA u18 to British Columbia July 7-15; EIRA u16 and u17 to Ireland July 17-July 29; EIRA u15, u16, u17, and u18 to Ontario July 23-July 29.

EIRA will draw from its academies, player ID clinics and recommendations to fill the need for 236 players and 36 staff. As always, Salty Thompson and his scouts and coaches are looking for athletes capable of competing at this level and interested in challenging themselves to grow and perform.

If you are interested in hosting a Player Identification Clinic or have player recommendations and film for these tours, please send them to EIRA Directors Salty Thompson and Brendan Keane at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.. Thank you.