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Ed Hagerty

Last week, Ed Hagerty, USA Rugby Hall of Famer, and, for almost 35-years, editor and publisher of "Rugby Magazine," suffered a serious bicycle accident in New York City.

The following is an update on Ed's condition. 

From Frank Dunlevy:

To all, I am at Lenox Hill Hospital with Ed and Maru. In order to clear up some of the mis-information that inevitably results when 30-40 people are exchanging e mails with out the facts, here are the key stats. 3 weeks ago Ed left his Apartment for a bike ride up the West Side drive. He returned with scrapes on his right side , a cracked helmet, and complaining of difficulty breathing. When he began to have more difficulty, Maru took him to Lennox Hill Hospital on 76th/Lexinton Ave. upon examination he was found to have 3 broken ribs, a punctured right lung and no recollection of the actual crash. Two or three days into his stay and initial recovery he came down with a lung infection which proceeded to spread to his spinal cord. One week after his initial admittance he underwent spinal surgery to remove the infection and fuse  several vertebra that had been affected by the swelling and infection. He is currently heavily sedated , although he awoke and acknowledged my presence. He can mouth words , shake his head yes/no and has some gross motor movement of his Arms/feet. The doctors hope that when the considerable swelling goes down his recovery will progress, they are currently unable/willing to handicap or give odds on full/partial recovery. Lenox Hill has almost 24 hour visiting privileges, Ed is in room 809, in the ICU/Surgical floor. I will be here today, and Thursday to give Maru and Ed's sister some time off. I will try to provide updates every three to four-days over he next several weeks. For those of us who believe in the power of prayer now is a good time to remember our old teammate. 

If you want to send Ed good well wishes, write:

Ed Hagerty

Lenox Hill Hospital 

100 East 77th Street

New York,  NY 10065

Please, no phone calls. We'll update on Ed's progress soon.


OK - we are all busy but this happened a week ago and we are just now finding out about the accident in the first place?