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A new book entitled “Everything You Need To Know for Coaching Rugby” has just been published by Green Star Media, written by the knowledgeable Dan Cottrell, Director of Rugby at Cranleigh School in Surrey in the UK.

Many will recognize the author’s name as the successful editor of the e-magazine Rugby Coach Weekly. (Cottrell also publishes the free rugby coaching email Better Rugby Coaching at

This easy-to-read, illustrated, 135-page booklet is ideal for the coaching and training of all players, but especially younger participants, new to the sport.

Each lesson indicates a ”Developing the Session” helpful guide in numbered form. In addition, an outstanding feature is the tri-part boxes underneath the lessons that are broken out as:

Coach’s Notes

What to Look For

What to think about

The topics are all-inclusive, running from Tackling to Match Tactics. There are more than 100 drills and games to help engage players enjoy the practice and the game experience.

This book should be part of every coach’s library. It can be purchased in the USA on at: