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Pat Quinn - St. Paddy's Day 2014

It is a year ago today this St. Paddy’s Day, that a fund raiser (see photo) was held to generate increased knowledge for the fight against ALS, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Pat Quinn, 31, former rugby player from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, is its face, and it has become his selfless dedication to make more people aware of this crippling condition because there is no cure for ALS.

If the name of Pat Quinn sounds familiar it is because he utilized the Ice Bucket Challenge last year to broadcast the need for additional monies for ALS research. (He was so successful that he became a question on “Jeopardy.”) More than 2.4 million people participated, including many celebrities in the entertainment, business, political, and sports worlds. (See Bill Gates's humorous video at:

Pat continues to advocate for ALS, tirelessly appearing at functions, and speaking in the first person about his own experience. He and his friends conceived of an innovative way to continue to publicize his fight against the disease called QUINN FOR THE WIN. One of its dynamic initiatives is to sponsor a rugby Sevens team with the same title, which will play in many summer events. The QUINN 4 THE WIN Sevens team aims to play in as many tournaments as possible with the goal of increasing its participation over time. Pat will try to be at all of these contests. The rugby community can help one of our own by donations to the ALS Association at

Happy 2015 St. Paddy’s Day and let’s all root for QUINN FOR THE WIN.