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It may not have approached the long wait of the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series but it constituted a long overdue rugby result, the winning of the Men’s Can-Am Social Division by the home side, the Saranac Lake Mountaineers. The annual hosts of the wonderful tournament won for the historic, first ever victory in forty-four years of running the event.

Congratulations, at last, to the Mountaineers.

A total of 119 Men’s and Women’s teams competed this year.

The Men’s Social Division witnessed teams coming from USA eastern fifteens and from Canada. Past tournament winners list a who’s who of great club sides from the US and from the northern neighbors. The Mountaineers deservedly join this select group.

The final game against the Eastern Hyenas from Detroit turned into a nail biter, with the hosts narrowly prevailing 36-32.

Buffalo won the Women’s Social Division 15-5 against the Misfits. Other results:

  • Over 50: Old Breed 15 vs. Cardinals 5
  • Over 45: Connecticut Grey 26 vs. Brockport Doggies 3
  • Over 35: Wild Rovers 29 vs. Connecticut 5
  • Women’s Club: Old Blue 22 vs. Empire 5
  • Men’s Club: Hyenas 47 vs. Brockport 19

Two teams played in an Over 60 match. And, for the fifth year, a quad-rugby competition was held in Lake Placid’s Olympic Training Center.

Again, another outstandingly run event, the 44th, with the serendipitous outcome of a home side, Saranac Lake Mountaineers win.