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Among the more meaningless statistics in rugby is tries scored. Usually. Tries are normally scored by teams, who put their teammates in position to score. More often than not it's the player who passed the ball to the eventual score who recognized the space or the opportunity, or committed the defender at the right moment.

But sometimes the stats is impossible to ignore, such as with Ryan Roundy. The BYU No. 8 boasts 17 tries so far in the College Premier Division. That's a lot, especially if you consider that the two players tied for 2nd, Life University duo Cameron Dolan and Garrett Lambert have eight each. Roundy has more than those two combined.

BYU Head Coach David Smyth said Roundy isn't impressed by his try count, and Roundy's own words about his scoring bear that out. He is almost embarrassed by the attention.

Smyth, however, is happy to talk about his star player.

"I remember a couple of years ago I told you that if I had 15 Steve St. Pierres on my team we'd never lose," Smyth told "Ryan's not quite there, but he's close. His whole mentality and the whole way he goes about his business as a studnet and a rugby player and a young man in general is very, very discplined. He will do what he needs to do to be the best he can be. He has a good GPA in a difficult major [Statistical and Actuarial Science], he's the first one at practice and the last one to leave. His work ethic is magnificent."

Captain of the Cougars, Roundy is, said Smyth, "humble and quiet. He will show you how to do something and then invite you along."

It helps to be one of the most imposing attacking forces in the country. Roundy at full speed ... well there's nothing like it.

"There are some other good runners out there," said Smyth. "There are some who are stronger or faster, but when he gets the ball at full pace he's just a hard kid to bring down. If you add all the elements together he becomes a fairly dominant proposition."

And above all, said Smyth, "he's just a great kid."

Ryan Roundy of BYU is our March, 2011, Player of the Month.