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Real-Time Rugby

Do you have college friends who play that ball game with the helmet and the stick? If you do, these players can access the most efficient web site for up-to-date game scores, player records, conference standings, and more: The main reason for its success is that each DI, DII, and DIII college lacrosse team assigns an administrator to provide data on a weekly basis.

No similar rugby data sharing entity existed... until now. Enter Real-Time, an innovative, smart, and free smartphone app that allows teams and players to upload personal profiles, share scores, pictures, videos, and chat with anyone in the world. Real-Time is simple to use and operate, providing scores as they occur, match information, match results, and even directions to the venue. The user can customize the application to follow school and club games in real time.

New is the integration of Facebook and Twitter platforms to post user tweets in scoreboard form with hashtag capabilities.

The app – in existence since September 2013 - has partnered with New York 7s, Star Rugby, ACRA, USA Sevens, Morris Rugby, IRB Women’s Sevens, and continues to attract American and international users.

Real-Time is a terrific idea whose time has come, finally, for the rugby community. But it needs teams and individuals to provide a continual updating of rugby event data.


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