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The Player of the Week Award is brought to you by Rhino Rugby, makers of high-quality, made-in-America rugby balls, rucking pads, tackle bags, and scrum machines.

No one had a better week than Gerhard Veit, Central Florida captain and No. 8. He scored two tries in the Knights’ 27-25 defeat of Lindenwood in the DI-AA National Championship game, made the game-winning pass and reached a four-year goal.

“If the national selectors aren’t looking at Gerhard Veit right now, they’re missing out on an outstanding potential, top, first-grade player,” said UCF coach Jason Granich after UCF’s win.

“I had people from my country that are heavily involved in rugby asking who that guy is, they were watching it live in New Zealand, so there are inquiries being made about Gerhard. Anybody that knows anything about rugby, you can just see his determination.”

On UCF’s final two scoring drives, Veit carried the ball five times inside the attacking 22, showcasing a non-stop work rate and the ability to penetrate the gainline at will. On the game-winning drive, he drew defenders in and floated a pass just over the hands of a Lindenwood defender into James Boozer's mits. The rest is history.

Veit and high school teammate Jason Ross, UCF forward and president, are four-year seniors at UCF.

“It was just like a social club,” said Ross of UCF’s rugby program his freshman year, “and when me and Gerhard came here, and Kyle McCormick and Harold Chiffoleau, we said we have to change this, we’re not going to lose for four years. And over the last four years we’ve just been gradually improving, and we made it.”

Congratulations to Veit, Ross, McCormick and Chiffoleau on reaching their long-term goal. What do they have their sights set on now? A repeat, as only two starters graduate.