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What do you do with Mike Te'o?

The Player of the Week Award is brought to you by Rhino Rugby, makers of high-quality, made-in-America rugby balls, rucking pads, tackle bags, and scrum machines.

Do you put him in as a center in 7s and look for him to run guys over? Well, he's solidly built, but he's not super massive. Do you put him on the wing. He seems to score tries and has a turn of pace, but really, he doesn't exactly look like Carlin Isles. 

Can he play prop? Well, sure, if you're not worried about winning the ball in the air. 

The thing about Mike Te'o, and the thing that became increasingly obvious during the World Club 7s as he plied is trade for San Francisco, is that Mike Te'o isn't a prop or a hooker or a halfback, center or wing. He's a ballplayer. That's it. Now, many coaches don't like ballplayers. You can list those types of athletes in any sport you can think of. Usually the Mike Te'os of the world are a little too short, maybe shaped a little funny, but they are deceptively quick, very aggressive, and somehow find ways to win games. 

They may not check all the boxes on the athletic metrics, but they play. Te'o played hard for San Francisco, even when his team was losing. He did not give up, did not give in, showed plenty of skill and a ton of desire.

Surely we can find a place for a guy like that.

Mike Te'o is our Rugby Player of the Week.