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If you've got a poster boy for overlooked players, it might be Patrick Latu.

The former USA U20 prop, who played hooker and prop for championships SFGG teams, the powerful Latu is now thundering across the fields of the Midwest for Metropolis.

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He is on the USA radar, but is aware he needs to be a bit fitter to get an international look. Many of his opponents just shake their heads at that assessment. Have you seen him run? Have you seen him score tries from 50 meters out?

Latu is a big prop with plenty of athleticism. He is powerful, and fast. He is opportunistic. He is smart.

"He scored a try where he went back on a kick like a No. 8," said Metropolis Head Coach Nate Osborne. "I don't know why he was there, but there he was. He catches the ball and he's gone for 50 meters. It's kind of amazing."

Metropolis is 6-0 in Midwest league play, having scored 247 points and given up only 83. A big part of that is Patrick Latu.

He has not made it to the National Team, despite some lobbying from Osborne, and his previous coach at SFGG, Paul Keeler.

But it seems if he keeps playing the way he's playing, Latu will eventually get a look. Yes, he probably needs to be fitter, but as an imposing, multi-skilled part of the Metropolis machine, right now, Patrick Latu is our Rhino Rugby/RUGBYMag Player of the Week.