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NYRFC Sevens - The 57th continuous tournament kicks off early Saturday, November 26 on Randall's Island with 135 teams participating in 11 women and men's divisions. This year, Rookie Rugby returns to the event for boys and girls aged 3 to 13. The first offering begins at 10 a.m.

New World Rugby Council Members - World Rugby has officially welcomed Georgia, Romania and USA onto its expanded Council at its interim meeting in London last week.

Trials of Five Rule Changes - These are: (1) scrums that become uncontested because of a red or yellow card or injury must contain eight players from each side; (2) if time is up and a team is awarded a penalty, they will be allowed to kick the ball to touch and have a lineout; when there are multiple penalty infringements by the same team, (3) the referee may allow the captain of the non-offending team to choose the most advantageous of the penalty marks; (4) even points are awarded for a penalty try with no need for a conversion; (5) and a player attempting to bring a ball under control at a lineout is deemed to be in possession of it.

European Women's Schedule - USA Women will play France for the second time this week in Montpelier today. Spain Women and Scotland square off in Madrid in a second match to determine who qualifies for a Women's RWC spot this August in Ireland. Spain won the first game 10-5.

European Men's Schedule - It's another banner weekend with many notable clashes:

  • Samoa vs. Canada in Grenoble, France
  • Germany vs. Brazil in Leipzig
  • Italy vs. Tonga in Padua
  • Fiji vs. Japan in Vannes, France
  • England vs. Argentina at Twickenham
  • Wales vs. South Africa in Cardiff
  • Ireland vs. Australia in Dublin
  • France vs. New Zealand in Paris

England are on an 11 game win streak.