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Contest Prizes

Our first contest for free swag is a hit! We’ve received a veritable ton of entries. This is the second posting to remind everyone to send a clever phrase. (Rules below).

To have supply meet demand, we’ve added another copy of the book “Try For The Gold,” so instead of one third-place prize, we’re offering two. Here’s how that changes the chances of winning a prize:

Odds Before                                                           Odds Now

Three  in a Veritable Ton                                 Four in a Veritable Ton

Mnemonic device needed

The solution to the frustration of recalling the ladder of Sevens Tournaments’ trophies can be solved – perhaps forever - by a witty, easy to remember mnemonic phrase that captures the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield hierarchy.  Here are some past examples:

  • Canadian Pacific Banff Station
  • Coolidge Presidency Breaks Silence
  • Cling Peaches Brighten Summer
  • Cubs Play Bo Sox
  • Comedic Pro Ben Stiller and, just added,
  • Contest Proves Big Success

In Storyline, my not yet published novel (humorous, sensual, and rugby) awaiting book agent’s actions, I devised: Chunky Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

The Contest

  1. Compose a mnemonic device using the C.P.B.S letters in that order;
  2. Email to [email protected]

Swag Prizes

First Place –Nylon blue squall rain jacket ($145.00 value)

Second Place – Rhino gray hoodie sweatshirt – ($65.00 value)

Third Place – Two Copies of the book "Try For the Gold" ($25.00 value)


Write your first and last name on the email.

All entries become the property of United World Sports LLC.

One entry per person.

Emails only.

Deadline is Sunday. December 31, 2014.

Winners to be announced Wednesday, January 7, 2015, on Rugby Today.

Contest open to residents of the USA and Canada.

(We shall contact winners via email to learn sizing and street addresses.)

An unusual entry

We opened: “Crown Prince’s Bride Stunning” signed "Willy Windsor." Could this be the Duke of Cambridge touting his lovely wife, Kate, the Duchess? We had planned to make them judges for this contest but now, not so much.