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The Young Clinton

Like the Egyptologist who discovers a pottery shard from centuries past containing enigmatic scribble, so do we announce the tiny forensic clue affirming that Bill Clinton played rugby during his Rhodes Scholarship year.

On the “Antiques Road Show” aired April 13, 2015 (Birmingham, AL), a man who befriended Clinton in Little Rock, presented a letter from the President during his year in Oxford. Clinton apologized for the belated note, stating the reason for the delay came from ”…bruises while playing rugby.”

This remains the first authentic proof of the alleged rugger career of the 40th President of the United States. It is assumed that Clinton played for University College, his college house during the year in England.

Rumor also floats that he played #8 but this is without confirmation.

So, today, we now possess this snippet of autobiographical and tantalizing evidence of William Jefferson Clinton’s actively playing rugby.

Tomorrow, we continue to probe the community for any person who can report additional sightings, either at Oxford, or as some say, later in Little Rock. Arkansas.

Have first-hand Clinton/rugby information? Email: [email protected]

(Also, anyone with stories of Vice President Joe Biden rugby playing at Syracuse Law School?)