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photo by Blake Mannion and Matt Adorno

On a slow day in rugby media -  make that a very slow day – when the only global article of note was about South African players dressing up as Marvel Super heroes, Rugby Today offers “Now for Something Completely Different.”  It’s the blowing up of the next to last section of the old Tappan Zee Bridge that connected Westchester and Rockland Counties on the Hudson River, north of New York City

“What,” readers have every right to ask, “is the rugby connection?”

The answer is that bridge was demolished in full view of the office space of United World Sports (UWS) - USA Sevens in Las Vegas, Penn Mutual Collegiate Championship, Rugby Today - and Rhino Clothing and Equipment, which rent the top floor of an office building in Tarrytown, NY.

The Tappan Zee Bridge was completed in 1955 to connect New York City to Albany and then on to Canada via Interstate 87 and the New York Thruway.  On a local level, it was a the much-needed bridge span to move commuting traffic from the growing suburb of Rockland County across the Hudson River east into New England and south to Manhattan.

The six-decades of traffic on the Tappan Zee far exceeded the original estimate and the structure deteriorated quickly.

A new span, renamed the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge, opened for traffic parallel to the Tappan Zee. Demolition began on the old bridge in September 2018 when the new bridge was opened. Over time, two large center sections remained, and the first one needed to be demolished by explosives, today, January 15, 2019.

The office staff, and the executives of the demolition company, gathered on the fourth floor and waited until around 10:55 a.m. for the blast.

See video shot by Blake Mannion and Matt Adorno at: