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The USA finished Day One at the Edinburgh 7s 0-3, after losing 45-7 to Scotland.

They will take on Kenya Sunday in the Bowl Quarterfinals.

Zack Test did not play at all Saturday as he deals with an injury. Nese Malifa accounted for all of the USA's points with a try at the end of the second half.

This has been a tough final leg of the HSBC Sevens World Series for the USA, as they have pushed good teams close, only to run out of gas against lesser teams.

The Eagles have not clinched a top 12 finish in the HSBC Sevens World Series, and could well drop to 13th. Currently they are 12th, since France has made the Cup Quarterfinals, they now move ahead of the USA to tie Scotland and Kenya for 9th.

To ensure they stay in the Top 12, and therefore ensure an invitation back as a Core Team that plays in all eight tournaments, the USA needs to win the Bowl, OR needs Kenya, Scotland, Canada or Spain to win the Bowl. If Russia or Portugal take the Bowl, they will push the USA down to 13th.