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Thursday and Friday are high-intensity days for the USA 7s team in camp at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

Head Coach Al Caravelli is simulating a tournament environment for the players a week before the real deal in London. Caravelli said the camp has been enormously competitive, which has made for some interesting games.

“It’s a smaller camp than we’ve had before but it’s been really, really fun,” Caravelli said. “The level of talent and the quality of play has been phenomenal. And we really cranked it up today.”

Caravelli could not contain his excitement about how well the players are playing, even as he sifts through some small injury reports.

He has had to manage the players coming off the rigorous 15s camp, spending much of Monday and a good portion of Tuesday doing film and classroom work while players recovered.

Having those players in 15s camp was useful for the 7s team, especially one-on-one work and defense. The 15s team’s defense is not dissimilar to the 7s team’s system, which makes it easier on the players.

Now Caravelli has the difficult task of picking his team, and he acknowledges it is difficult.

“Everybody’s made it a really competitive,” said the coach. “It is going to go down the wire.”