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Head Coach Ric Suggitt is still working on finding the right players to be on contract, but has settled on ten so far.

Men’s Head Coach Alex Magleby is also auditioning players for the contracts, and it’s become clear that the Olympic contracts are not especially long-term. So we might well see some changes in personnel.

Magleby has to think both short- and long-term. He’s got a very demanding IRB World Series to think about, and the World Cup to think about, but at the same time, he has to develop players. It’s the player development aspect that might fill out more contract places.

Notice that 20-year-old Mike Te’o has been in camp, and Keaweamahi and Keoki Unufe, younger siblings of Maka Unufe, are also getting looked at. That’s clearly evidence of a look toward youth.

There’s no guarantee any of those players will get a contract, but it’s clear the USOC is looking to expand the rugby program now that the 2012 Summer Games are over. USA Rugby has to get in on the act, too. The USOC is not supporting the 7s programs on its own; USA Rugby has to put in some fund, as well>

According to sources, USA Rugby is in talks with three potential sponsors right now, but not all are 7s-specific.