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So let’s clear this up right now: Alex Goff the rugby player is not related to Alex Goff the Editor.

Alex Goff the rugby player is the younger brother of former Tennessee All American Benji Goff, and the No. 8 for the USA U20s, who are slated to open their Junior World Rugby Trophy Monday.

He is also 6-3, and 196 pounds, while Alex Goff the writer is seven inches shorter and ... ok, well the weight isn't important. You get the idea. 

“It’s funny,” Goff told “The guys make a little fun, saying , ‘hey your uncle wrote a story,’ or something like that. It does look kind of weird to see me name on an article I didn’t write, but it’s cool.”

Goff did not follow his brother to Tennessee. Instead he’s at Arkansas State, and looking forward to a career with the Redwolves. Playing for ASU’s Matt Huckaby and also for Scott Lawrence with the U20s is a bit of a study in contrasts.

“Matt us more laid back, while Scott is very much about things being on time and very precise,” he said. “But I really enjoy playing for both of them.”

The U20s’ preparation has been good, said Goff.

“The time we spent in Colorado was really useful, if only to get used to the altitude,” he said. “I know we were really tired at the end of the first day, but we got used to it over time. Then to come together as a team up in Steamboat Springs was really great. We were in this big log cabin and I think that’s been a big thing for us as a team.”

As a player in his own right, Goff is starting to appreciate the feeling of having that USA jersey on.

“I have spent a lot of time following Benji and trying to accomplish what he has accomplished,” said Goff the younger. “He was an All American. I’d like to be. He’s been really great and somebody I can rely on and learn from too.”

The U20s go into the JWRT confident after sweeping Canada, but not cocky.

“We know we have more to do,” said Goff. “We need to keep our hands secure on the ball more. I think that’s a big key. If we do that, then we feel we’ve got a shot.”