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Blaine Scully celebrating a try against Japan. Rene Merideth photo

Eagles and Leicester winger Blaine Scully has a fake Twitter account dedicated to him: @BlaineScully2. His real account is @BlaineScully1.

Through a Twitter exchange, Scully revealed he doesn't know the identityof the prankster behind the fake account, but whoever it is has a good sense of humor. His cracks on the former Cal All American often center around his selection for the Tigers. 

To all my Scullcrushers: I'm not too down about not playing tomorrow. Instead I'll be dressing as a Jane Austen character and wandering Bath

— Blaine Scully (@BlaineScully2) September 19, 2014

There's also a pretty good bit poking fun at Scully's obsession with fitness and nutrition. He does, after all, have an ab workout named after him within the Cal program. If you're looking for fun ways to keep up with the Eagles, both this weekend and otherwise, @BlaineScully2 is worth a follow.