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USA 7s team head coach Al Caravelli is looking to hold a series of one-day combines around the country this summer.

Caravelli’s plan is to leave the tryouts open to any athletes interested, and apparently, with the NFL players locked out by the owners, there may be many more football players (not established stars, but practice squad players and free agents) interested in testing rugby waters.

The tryouts would include fitness and agility testing, as well as drills and game situations designed to test how athletes fair in rugby situations.

This plan, thought, is not a done deal. Funding remains a key issue, and Caravelli is looking for venues (college campuses) and with his staff busy this summer with the USA 15s team, he will also likely need volunteers to help run sessions.

The tryouts are tentatively schedules for June, but might spill over into July. If Caravelli can’t find no-cost venues, or doesn’t get enough signups, he won’t be able to run the tryouts, but he is apparently hoping to hold several in various regions (Georgia, DC, California, Colorado) around the country.